About Pernitha Tinsley

When her pen called out to her in the wee hours of the morning, Pernitha Tinsley chose to ignore it. Red and blue ink spilling out into her thoughts as she slept, and forming words in her most vulnerable state, would deprive her of sleep. For months, her pen would beg for attention; puddles of ink swirling in her head. Tired of her pen owning her dreams, and sending its ink to do the dirty work, Pernitha dragged herself out of bed and put her pen to paper.

Pernitha Tinsley is a native of Los Angeles, California. In 2010, under the former Red Lion Publishing Group, Pernitha self-published her first children’s novel, “A Mansion in the Hills of Heaven,” which is dedicated to children that are suffering from cancer. In 2016, Pernitha formed Red Moon Publishing Group, a children and teen publishing company that publishes “movies at your child’s fingertips.” Pernitha is the Head Writer at Nferno Productions Film/Television Company, and will debut her first Indie film, “For the Love of Christmas,” in December 2016. She is also a Men’s Fashion Columnist at CopayStyle Magazine, which has over 120,000 readers between the D.C., Atlanta areas.

In addition, Pernitha does ghostwriting for Indie movie producers, will be a contributing writer to a new cable television series, and is currently working on a cartoon series.

All inquiries can be sent to RedMoonPublishingGroup@gmail.com